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International Workshop: Nature Friendly Farming

UNISECO was present at the International Workshop: Nature Friendly Farming: Transforming the CAP for nature and people, 9 September 2019 in  Brussels.

UPCOMING: UNISECO at the ESP 10 World Conference

UNISECO will attend the ESP 10 World Conference “10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future” in Hannover, Germany, 21-25 October 2019. 

UPCOMING: 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum

UNISECO will attend the 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum in Heraklion, island of Crete, Greece, 26-28 September 2019. 

UPCOMING: 9th ESSC International Congress, 26-28 September 2019

UNISECO will be present - through its Hungarian case study on soil conservation management - at the 9th International Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation. The Focus of the Congress is ‘Soil’s Contribution to People: from Food to Life Supporting Services’.


We are very pleased to inform you that we have just released the 2nd issue of the UNISECO Project Newsletter.
You may access, browse or download the PDF version HERE

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The second issue of our 6 monthly newsletters will be out very soon. 
In this issue you will find information on... 

ENRD Seminar on Bioeconomy

On 3 July 2019 UNISECO also participated at the ENRD Seminar on Bioeconomy: Seizing the opportunities for rural Europe' with interesting discussions on carbon sinks in rural areas, key barriers to scaling up rural bioeconomy initiatives and examples of policy coherence enabling rural bioenergy production.

Agri Innovation Summit 2019, 25-26 June 2019

UNISECO was presented at the Agri Innovation summit (AIS) 2019 in Normandy on 25 and 26 June 2019 which was dedicated to the contribution of the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity & Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) to the transition to agroecology. Read the UNISECO poster here.

D5.1 Inventory of Market and Policy Incentives Supporting AEFS published

Prepared by the Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia and CREA – with contributions from all UNISECO project partners - Deliverable D5.1 from WP5 presents the results of an inventory of examples of market and policy incentives, implemented at different levels (EU, national and local), that serve to support transition processes towards Agro-Ecological Farming Systems (AEFS).

Preserving soil quality and soil health in arable farming: The case study in Hungary

On 13 June 2019 a field day for farmers was organised by Démétér Biosystems in Somogy county at one of the UNISECO case study farms to discuss about the direct effects of climate change, the importance of soil health, soil carbon, the use of cover crops, as well as technical details and practices of cultivating maize and sunflower with no-till methods.

8th AIEAA Conference, Pistoia, 13-14 June 2019

UNISECO will be represented by the CREA and Thuenen Teams at the 8th AIEAA Conference “Tomorrow's Food. Diet transition and its implications on health and the environment” in Pistoia, 13-14 June 2019.

7 June 2019: World Food Safety Day

There is an increased awareness that the challenges of producing enough food and biomass while preserving soil, water and biodiversity cannot be solved only by the types of conventional agriculture that dominate currently.
Agro-ecological approaches and eco-functional intensification are fundamental for sustainable healthy food production in the future.

UNISECO case studies

Participatory case studies are carried out in 15 European countries to analyse how socio-economic and policy barriers for agro-ecological transitions can be addressed.

This will feed into the co-construction of innovative management strategies and market and policy incentives promoting agro-ecological transitions and the assessment of the sustainability implications and trade-offs of the different transition paths. 

Mission possible? International Conference on Agricultural Biodiversity

As a side event to the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő, Hungary key actors of agriculture and nature conservation sectors jointly analysed the processes, assess their role and outline future trends at the conference organised by Birdlife Hungary in the frame of the project "Cross border protection of Great Bustard in Central Europe" (LIFE15 NAT/ AT000834) on the main causes of loss of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. 


UNISECO 1st Annual Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop in Helsinki

The 1st Annual Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop was held between 7-10 May 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, organised by LUKE.

Final Conference of the COFARM Project

UNISECO will be also presented at the Final Conference of CO-FARM on the 24th April 2019 in Brussels.

The French case study : Network of grape production in CUMAS

A day of agro-ecological exhibition 
On April 4th , a technical wine-growing day was held near Clermont-Ferrand (Domaine de Chadieu) in the department of Puy-de-Dôme to discuss tillage and cavaillon (line of the vine plants) maintenance.

AAG 2019: UNISECO sessions

Many thanks to the contributors and attendees to the sessions "Agroecological Transitions in a Transatlantic Context" hosted by UNISECO at the AAG 2019 on 6th April 2019.

D2.2 - Typology of AEFS and Practices in the EU and the Selection of Case Studies published

Prepared by the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (UZEI) and the James Hutton Institute – with contributions from all UNISECO project partners - Deliverable D2.2 from WP2 proposes a three-dimensional typology that deals with the complexity of farming systems that are transitioning towards agro-ecological farming and presents the process and outcome of the case study selection in UNISECO.

D7.2 -  A Guide to Transdisciplinarity for Partners published

Prepared by the James Hutton Institute, Thünen Institute and the Agricultural University of Athens – with contributions from all UNISECO project partners - Deliverable D7.2 of WP7 describes the transdisciplinary framework for the UNISECO project and provides guidance for the engage-ment with the Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) to facilitate meaningful interactions for shared learning, integration and co-construction of innovative, actionable knowledge to promote agro-ecological transitions.

Swedish case study kick-off

Fourteen farmers who will take part in the Swedish case study gathered for two days at the kick-off the Swedish case study on livestock farm diversification to get to know each other, receive information about the UNISECO project and to start discussing transitions to more sustainable farming practices.

1ST EU stakeholder workshop: future scenarios in European agriculture

What are interesting scenarios for future European agriculture to investigate in UNISECO? This question and other issues related to the participatory scenario development process being carried out as part of the territorial modelling in UNISECO were discussed with stakeholders at a workshop in Brussels on 1st March 2019.

UNISECO sessions at AAG 2019

We are organizing a stream of sessions entitled Agroecological Transitions in a Transatlantic Context on 6th April at the American Association of Geographers in Washington, DC in April 2019.

UNISECO training for on-farm sustainability assessments

The UNISECO project partners were trained to carry out on-farm sustainability assessments. The training was organised by the FiBL team in preparation of the UNISECO case studies and took place from the 18th to the 23rd of February 2019 at the Organic Research Centre in Newbury England.

Seminar with DG Agri and DG ENV

Today a joint seminar of the UNISECO and LIFT projects took place at DG Agri to introduce the UNISECO and LIFT projects to relevant units of DG Agri and DG ENV and to facilitate science-policy interaction.

UNISECO 1st newsletter is out

Browse the FIRST newsletter of the UNISECO project to find out ...

Deliverable 7.1 Guidelines for the Selection of Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) Members published

Prepared by the European Landowners’ Organisation, the Agricultural University of Athens, James Hutton Institute and Thünen Institute, Deliverable D7.1 from WP7 provides guidelines for the selection of Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members.

UNISECO presented at Scotland’s Biennial Land Use & the Environment Conference

UNISECO was represented by David Miller (The James Hutton Insttitute) at Scotland’s Biennial Land Use & the Environment Conference Rewarding the Delivery of Public Goods:  How to Achieve this in Practice? 28-29 November 2018 in Edinburgh.

D2.1 - Adapted SES Framework for AEFS and Guidelines for Assessing Sustainability of Agricultural Systems in Europe published

Prepared by ISARA-Lyon, the James Hutton Institute, the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (UZEI), and CREA, Deliverable D2.1 from WP2 explains the adapted Social-Ecological Systems (SES) framework for the sustainability assessment of agro-ecological farming systems in UNISECO.

UNISECO Project meeting in Venice

A project meeting was held between 20-22 November 2018 in Venice, Italy, organised by CREA. The objectives of the meeting were to discuss existing market and policy incentives for agro-ecological farming, the UNISECO case study selection and other interim results and upcoming tasks with the Project Advisory Group and invited stakeholders.

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The first issue of our 6 monthly newsletters will be out very soon. 
In the first newsletter you will find information about ... 

AEFS scenarios through participatory modeling approach

In the UNISECO project we will design a future vison for agro-ecological farming systems (AEFS) in the EU. 

The UNISECO flyer is now available

Download the UNISECO flyer from the Resources page.

UNISECO-LIFT regional meeting of partners in Hungary

Hungarian teams of the UNISECO and the LIFT projects funded under the same topic SFS-29-2017 met on 11 October 2018.

UNISECO presented at the GfÖ conference

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland took place from the 10th - 14th of September 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The UNISECO project was introduced in the agro-ecology session of the conference.
Further information about the event can be found on the conference website

Download the UNISECO poster.

UNISECO presented at PROVIDE regional final conference in Italy

UNISECO was presented by Andrea Povellato (CREA) at the regional final conference of the PROVIDE (Providing smart delivery of public goods by EU Agriculture and forestry) Horizon 2020 project on 11 July 2018 in Bologna, Italy.

UNISECO discussed at French EIP Committee meeting

On 6th of June 2018 Philippe Fleury presented UNISECO project at the French European Innovation Partnerships advisory committee : objectives, organization,  workpackages, policy and scientific stakes of UNISECO.

UNISECO collaborates with fellow project financed under topic SFS-29-2017: LIFT

Co-operation activities are envisaged in the SFS-29-2017 topic. Contacts with the LIFT project (Low-Input Farming and Territories - Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem-based farming) consortium have been established.

UNISECO Kick-off in Braunschweig

18 partners from 16 European countries came together in Braunschweig, Germany between 28 and 30 May 2018 to mark the start of the three-year research project “UNISECO: Understanding and improving the sustainability of agro-ecological farming systems in the EU”.