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Dear Reader,

The UNISECO project has come to an end on 30 April 2021.

We are very pleased to inform you that we have just released the last issue of the UNISECO Project Newsletter.

You may access and browse or download the PDF version here.

Here are some highlights what you can find in this issue:

What UNISECO is all about?

UNISECO is an EC funded 3-year Horizon 2020 research and innovation action aiming at strengthening the sustainability of EU farming systems through co-constructing improved and practice validated strategies and incentives for the promotion of improved agro-ecological approaches.

UNISECO Final Conference

We celebrated UNISECO’s legacy with a final digital event, gathering partners, experts and members of the European institutions.

Many thanks to all presenters and attendees for their interest and contributions!

7 plenary and 18 parallel sessions with 369 registered attendees from 35 countries provided opportunities to:

  • Debate approaches, findings and lessons for policy and practice, and demonstration of the spatially explicit interactive online tool for exploring the sustainability impacts of agro-ecological farming systems;
  • Contribute to an evolving debate on the role of agroecology in sustainable farming and food systems in Europe, and of effective policy support;
  • Network with key stakeholders, researchers and other interested parties.

Read about the highlights of the event, recommendations for future research needs and actions to promote agro-ecological transitions, access the presentation materials and video recordings of sessions.

What are the latest outputs in UNISECO?

  • Policy briefs and issue briefs: The insights captured in our participatory tasks have been distilled into practical and policy recommendations at case study level, and at project/EU level. These provide actionable and substantiated solutions for practitioners and policy-makers to support and advance agro-ecological practices and farming systems. From recommendations for regenerative farming, composting and input substitution, to diversification, cooperation, knowledge-building and acquiring new skills fit for the challenges – the briefs tackle major key issues and opportunities pertaining to the transition to, or improvement of agro-ecological systems.
  • Socio-Ecological System Interaction Tool: The tool focuses on the dilemma of ensuring sustainable food production, providing a new means of communicating agroecological solutions to interest actors and stakeholders.
  • Browse and exploit our resources of deliverable reports, open access scientific articles, case study materials, methodological briefs, and videos.

Furthermore, from the last issue of our newsletter you can get to know:

Where we are networking?

  • Despite the Covid19 pandemic UNISECO was and will be present at several – mostly online – events including hosting sessions at the AES Conference and AAG 2021 in April, or we presented project results at the SBD Conference in May.



We would like to thank all the members of the Multi-Actor Platforms
for participating in the interviews and workshops (both online and in-person),
 and for their valuable input to the transdisciplinary research in UNISECO.

Your active engagement was very important to ensure that the innovative tools, approaches and policy recommendations that we have developed reflect the views of those who are directly involved in delivering or seeking to strengthen the sustainability of EU farming systems through co-constructing improved and practice validated strategies and incentives for the promotion of improved agro-ecological approaches.


We hope you will enjoy delving into the last pieces of info about our project. Thank you for reading!

The UNISECO project team