Agro-ecological Knowledge Hub

Farmers and Agri-food value chain

  • How can agro-ecological approaches help you to produce healthy food in an economical viable and environmental sustainable way?
  • What can farmers, food producers and retailers locally do to produce healthy food economically viable yet environmentally sustainable manner?
  • What are opportunities for you as a farmer, food producer or retailer to invest and cooperate in developing and using agro-ecological approaches?

NGOs, civic organisations, local community

  • How can agro-ecological approaches address local issues and improve the sustainability of agriculture in your community or area?
  • How can you as NGO, civic organisation, local community representative, local citizen or community group get involved in the implementation of agro-ecological approaches?
  • How can you advance, share your knowledge, identify opportunities, address local issues, co-construct and implement a strategy for local/regional agro-ecological food systems?


  • How can agro-ecological approaches address problems of diet-based ill-health and malnutrition?
  • How can agro-ecological approaches contribute to feeding you in a healthy and sustainable manner?

What can UNISECO offer you?
Explore the questions UNISECO is in progress to seek answers for.

Authorities and Administration

  • How effective are innovative strategies and incentives in strengthening the sustainability of farming systems?
  • How can policies at national and regional level promote and support the implementation of the innovative strategies?
  • How can innovative policy incentives be administered in practice?

EC, international bodies, governments

  • What are the socio-economic and policy drivers and barriers for further development and implementation of agro-ecological approaches?
  • What opportunities exist for EU policies to support agro-ecological farming systems?

Science and innovation

  • How research needs from practice and policy embedded in a systemic assessment of the sustainability of agro-ecological farming can advance knowledge sharing and strengthen the implementation of European policies and solving societal challenges?


Welcome to UNISECO

UNISECO is a European research project aiming to develop innovative approaches to enhance the understanding of socio-economic and policy drivers and barriers for further development and implementation of agro-ecological practices in EU farming systems.


Participatory case studies to test the UNISECO methodological toolkit to assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of innovative strategies and incentives for agro-ecological approaches.


Mission possible? International Conference on Agricultural Biodiversity

As a side event to the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő, Hungary key actors of agriculture and nature conservation sectors jointly analysed the processes, assess their role and outline future trends at the conference organised by Birdlife Hungary in the frame of the project "Cross border protection of Great Bustard in Central Europe" (LIFE15 NAT/ AT000834) on the main causes of loss of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. 


UNISECO 1st Annual Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop in Helsinki

The 1st Annual Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop was held between 7-10 May 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, organised by LUKE.

Final Conference of the COFARM Project

UNISECO will be also presented at the Final Conference of CO-FARM on the 24th April 2019 in Brussels.