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We are very pleased to inform you that we have just released the 2nd issue of the UNISECO Project Newsletter.
You may access, browse or download the PDF version HERE

Here are some highlights what you can find in this issue:

What UNISECO is all about?

UNISECO is an EC funded 3-year Horizon 2020 research and innovation action aiming at strengthening the sustainability of EU farming systems through co-constructing improved and practice validated strategies and incentives for the promotion of improved agro-ecological approaches.

Since our 1st newsletter in December many things happened in UNISECO. The project has passed its first year in May. Read about how the consortium marked its 1st anniversary with the 1st Annual Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop in Helsinki.

Furthermore, from the 2nd issue of our newsletter you can get to know:

What are the latest developments in our project?

Currently, farm visits are carried out on approximately 150 farms to collect data on their economic, ecological and social performance and to discuss barriers and drivers of agro-ecological transitions.

  • Learn more about how UNISECO project partners were trained to carry out on-farm sustainability assessments.
  • Read about how our case studies are progressing, and we give insights to events in some of our case studies.

What scenarios of future European agriculture should be investigated in UNISECO? This question and other issues were discussed at the 1st EU Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels.

What are the latest deliverables in UNISECO?

  • Download and read our latest reports e.g. on the SES Framework for AEFS, typology of AEFS and practices in the EU, inventory of market and policy incentives supporting AEFS, how transdisciplinarity is handled by the consortium.

Where and how are we networking?

  • UNISECO was present at many events including AAG 2019, Agri Innovation Summit 2019, 8th AIEAA.
  • We also cooperate with our fellow project LIFT: both project were introduced and discussed at a joint seminar with DG Agri and DG Env in Brussels to facilitate science-policy interaction.

What are the upcoming international events where you can meet us?

  • There are several events on our list, e.g. the Agroecology Europe Forum in September, EIP-Agri workshop in October, or the ODT Forum “Agroecology: multiple transition of territories”.

We hope you will enjoy delving into the latest info about our project.

Continue reading the 2nd newsletter in PDF version here.

Thank you for reading!

The UNISECO project team