Agro-ecological Knowledge Hub

A discussion about application of agro-ecological practices in Lithuania

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania, together with partners from various European countries implementing the project UNISECO, invited specialists from various fields to the discussion "Development of Strategies to Promote the Application of Agro-ecological Practices". The discussions revealed various drivers and barriers that are expected to be analyzed in more detail.

Specialists from various fields gathered for the discussion: scientists, politicians, representatives of state institutions, farmers and farmers' associations and cooperatives. After the presentation of the project and its activities, the participants immersed themselves in a discussion to discuss together how to overcome the obstacles to dairy farms switching to agro-ecological farming, how to improve the economic sustainability of small farms in general to maintain small-scale dairy farming.

The specialists of the Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania raised the following questions in the discussion: What specific activities could be implemented to solve this dilemma? What stakeholders should be involved and how should they work together? What political and market initiatives could help the survival of extensive farms?

The participants of the meeting proposed a number of interesting and innovative ideas, which are currently being analyzed and summarized. The summarized ideas will later be presented to the whole project team, as well as shared with a wider circle of stakeholders in Lithuania. It is expected that at least some of them will be implemented, thus creating favorable conditions for sustainable dairy farms and encouraging them to switch to agro-ecological practices.

After the event, Vilma Živatkauskienė, a farmer who also participated in the discussion invited to visit her territories. She raises cattle on her farm by combining environmental protection with farming activities.

Source/Photos: BEF-LT