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UPCOMING: Seminar ”From Farm to Fork” Sustainable Food Systems and the EU Green Deal, 8 October 2020, Brussels

Sustainable Food Systems and the EU Green Deal,  8 October 2020, Brussels

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter as a tribute to Raoul Weiler, its Founder President, in collaboration with IPES-Food (International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems) and Agroecology Europe (a European Association for Agroecology) organise the Conference/seminar "From Farm to Fork”, Sustainable Food Systems and the EU Green Deal at the Royal Academy of Belgium, Brussels, on 8 October 2020, 1:40 to 8:30pm

Our current Food system is not sustainable (fast decline of farmers’ populations, soil degradation, responsibility in the climate and biodiversity crisis, excessive water usage, waste along the chain, syndemic of obesity,…) and has to be changed if we are to make the transition necessary to achieve the goals of this Green Deal and to build a better and resilient society.

How should the CAP be reformed to comply with this vision of a sustainable future? 

What should be the roles of the consumers/citizens, the farmers, the agrobusiness and the authorities?

Three thematic sessions will cover the production (agricultural and environmental), the social (health and consumption) and economic dimensions of the Food systems before a transversal and systemic approach will be proposed followed by a debate with all major actors. Interaction with the participants will be encouraged during the whole afternoon. Scientists, NGO and business representatives, EU civil servants, thinkers will present their view, answer questions and discuss with the audience.

The programme of the event is available on the website of the event.