Agro-ecological Knowledge Hub

2nd Agroecology Europe Forum

UNISECO was represented at the 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum in Heraklion, island of Crete, Greece, 26-28 September 2019. 

UNISECO was contributing to organising the workshop session 'Research aspects in the field of agro-ecology' How can we guide an agroecological transition?
The workshop was organized by an international and inter-disciplinary team: Michael Löbmann, Maaike Happel, Claudia Fernandez Gonzalez, Valentina Vaglia, Anastasia Pantera, Rosa Mosquera Losada, George Vlahos, Gerald Schwarz, Katalin Balazs, and Alexandra Smyrniotopoulou.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss practical real-life problems when performing, or planning interdisciplinary, or participatory agroecological research. Together with the participants, we collected and exchanged insights in experiences of people, problem situations and solving strategies. We explicitly tried to involve non-researchers, since research efforts and results help shaping policies and practice and thus are an integrated element of a democratic process towards a sustainable development. 

Download: Summary of the workshop results