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Deliverable 7.1 Guidelines for the Selection of Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) Members published

Prepared by the European Landowners’ Organisation, the Agricultural University of Athens, James Hutton Institute and Thünen Institute, Deliverable D7.1 from WP7 provides guidelines for the selection of Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members.

The overarching objective of WP7 is to facilitate stakeholder engagement in Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) as an integral part of the implementation of the research, dissemination and exploitation activities in UNISECO. A key task of WP7 is the management of MAPs and stakeholder coordination, and the provision of guidelines for the selection of MAP members (Deliverable D7.1). 

The Deliverable Report D7.1 sets out the process for the selection of individuals to participate in the Multi-Actor Platforms associated with the UNISECO project. An EU-level and 15 case study scale Multi-Actor Platforms will be brought together for the duration of the project. An aim of this guideline is to ensure that partners will follow agreed steps in selecting and inviting appropriate stakeholders to participate in the platforms. It includes a range of actors at EU level (such as EU wide environmental NGO’s, sector organisations, policy makers and European Commission) and case study level (such as farmers, farm advisors and local and national authorities). The purpose of the MAP approach is to ensure that the UNISECO project addresses directly, and is relevant to, the real needs on the ground, and to ensure that people with different types of knowledge are included throughout the project’s lifetime and beyond.


D7.1 - Guidelines for the Selection of Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) Members