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D7.2 -  A Guide to Transdisciplinarity for Partners published

Prepared by the James Hutton Institute, Thünen Institute and the Agricultural University of Athens – with contributions from all UNISECO project partners - Deliverable D7.2 of WP7 describes the transdisciplinary framework for the UNISECO project and provides guidance for the engage-ment with the Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) to facilitate meaningful interactions for shared learning, integration and co-construction of innovative, actionable knowledge to promote agro-ecological transitions.

The overarching objective of WP7 is to facilitate stakeholder engagement in Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) as an integral part of the implementation of the research, dissemination and exploitation activities in UNISECO. Key tasks of WP7 are the development of the transdisciplinary approach, training and guidance on its application, and the provision of a guide to transdisciplinarity for partners (Deliverable D7.2). 

The Deliverable Report D7.2 discusses how to design research activities to support the co-construction of knowledge and to facilitate full participation taking into account the different levels of participatory engagement processes (EU, case study) with respect to the type and diversity of participants. It touches on equitability and rights of participation including intellectual property issues relating to co-construction and co-learning. Additionally, it addresses the practicalities of implementation such as timing of engagement and ways to foster trust, understanding and fairness to support participation and co-construction across different types of knowledge, experiences and perspectives.


D7.2 -  A Guide to Transdisciplinarity for Partners