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UNISECO training for on-farm sustainability assessments

The UNISECO project partners were trained to carry out on-farm sustainability assessments. The training was organised by the FiBL team in preparation of the UNISECO case studies and took place from the 18th to the 23rd of February 2019 at the Organic Research Centre in Newbury England.

The training period included 11 farm visits to gain further experience in the practical application of the SMART tool. In addition, the training included sessions on the COMPAS model and the Cool Farm Tool. The three Decision Support Tools COMPAS, Cool Farm and SMART will be applied to assess the economic, environmental and social performance of agro-ecological and conventional farms in the UNISECO case studies.

“The Decision support tool training in Newbury was really well-organised for learning. Not only a good overview was gained for all 3 tools. Variety of training approaches and practical farm visits were super helpful in understanding the SMART tool and building confidence in using it. The instructors were really friendly and helpful in answering the questions raised during the training and solving other issues. Now with the actual farm assessment activities starting the tool questionnaire is familiar and easy to use”, - says participant of the training Grazvydas Jegelevicius from project partner Baltic Environmental forum Lithuania

The UNISECO consortium would like to thank the Organic Research Centre for hosting the training, the Cool Farm Alliance for the demonstration of the Cool Farm Tool and the farmers for their hospitality and time for the very interesting and helpful farm visits.