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AT case study: Local stakeholder Workshop in the Eco-region Kaindorf

Agro-ecological approaches to conserve soils are a central moment not only to adapt, but also to contribute to climate change mitigation in the AT case study.

Scientists in Austria agree that Austria's regions and municipalities are massively affected by climate change and will be even more so in the future. Temperature extremes, heavy rain or drought are increasingly making headlines and bringing new challenges. In addition to the extreme weather events, locally rather subtle changes can be observed, such as an early start of vegetation, the retreat of glaciers or the immigration of new animal and plant species - caused by the rise in average temperatures. In order to meet these challenges of climate change and to take advantage of the resulting opportunities, forward-looking action is needed today.

In a stakeholder workshop in the case study Ökoregion Kaindorf, market and political instruments were discussed in several dates, weaknesses and strengths were analyzed and steps towards implementation were outlined in order to meet the current challenges in the Kaindorf region - as in the entire north-eastern region of Austria. At the workshop on June 25 (photo), innovative strategies were evaluated in terms of effectiveness and their positive and negative effects, synergies and trade-offs, were described.

Text/photo: BOKU

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