Agro-ecological Knowledge Hub

AEFS scenarios through participatory modeling approach

In the UNISECO project we will design a future vison for agro-ecological farming systems (AEFS) in the EU. 

This will be done in close cooperation with stakeholders which will give input to scenario development. The outcome of the scenario in terms of food output, nutrient flows and greenhouse gas emissions will them be modelled on the EU level by the UNISECO researchers. The results will be presented to the stakeholders and the scenario refined. By this iterative approach we ensure that research is relevant to stakeholders and the stakeholder visions about the future are science-based. This has previously been performed for the Nordic countries with five NGOs as the stakeholders resulting in a future food vision for the Nordics based on organic agriculture.

Read the journal paper "Designing a future food vision for the Nordics through a participatory modeling approach"

Watch the video about the Nordic case: