Agroekologinių žinių centras


Welcome to this section of the Agroecological Knowledge Hub!

This is a place dedicated to NGOs/civil society organisations which are an integral part of the (agro-ecological) farming and food system in Europe, and whose resources, interests in the various facets of sustainability, and drive to transform public policies to work better for a more climate-resilient and nature-friendly Europe have been documented in project tasks and now summarised here. 

Chapter one of this section provides an outline of the role NGOs are playing in food systems in 15 European countries that are in different stages of implementing agro-ecological practices - we are discussing both the present role and future/needed role in strategies to initiate and further support agro-ecology.

Chapter two offers three main tools that were developed and tested in UNISECO and which we wanted to pass on to help other organisations looking to support changes in their farming and food systems: the multi-actor/transdisciplinary approach, the Social Network Analysis, and the Multi-criteria Analysis of market and policy instruments. 

We hope the information gathered here is useful and timely, and don’t forget to check the separate RESOURCES section of the project website (in English) which hosts all the detailed reports referenced here.