Agro-ecological Knowledge Hub

Cooperation and Networking

What non-government mechanisms exist to help you?

Although there are numerous non-government mechanisms that exist, three are very popular. First, are the learning communities, i.e. AKIS, where knowledge can be shared vertically, from trainer to learner. Second, is peer-to-peer mentoring, where knowledge can be shared horizontally and one on one. Finally, cooperatives such as in France, where collective actions by farmers helps them work together, called “replacement services.” 

Can working within a development chain help you adopt agroecological farming systems?

Working within a development chain is a great tool to adopting agroecological farming systems. Examples of how this can be done are noted in the case studies, and issue/policy briefs on the project Resources page.

Watch our case study storymaps below to get to know more about what drivers and barriers are faced in specific agro-ecology field, including – how consumer were involved and what issues were expressed. Stories cover different themes – from carbon neutral milk or sustainable fruit, to water quality or keeping it small in dairy farms, so consumers around Europe might find one or a couple most relevant to you.